Studio Update Break: Recording An Album In Bandera

Hey y’all, I know I said this blog would be used to give updates on the studio construction progress, but I’ve spent the last few days out in Bandera, TX recording a new album with Bearote and thought y’all would enjoy the pictures. You too can record out there… just hit me up for details!

Soil Sample Day

The Geo Tech came by a few days ago to take soil samples. This will give us an idea of the studio build site conditions and ensure that a proper base is made for maximum sound isolation. Can’t have any ground vibrations negatively impacting our recordings! We have a solid layer of bedrock, so things are looking good. Next up we’ll have a structural engineer out while we begin the permitting process. Stay tuned!

Studio Mockups and Preparing to Take Soil Samples

Hey y’all! This blog page is where you can check in on the studio’s construction progress. I’ll periodically post pictures and other cool goings-on as they happen. Expect a post every few weeks until we break ground then things should start moving really fast. This first update includes exciting things such as a stake the geo tech put in the ground and 3D renderings of the studio space (actually exciting). Stay tuned!